Tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. “Tinting allows a professional to manipulate the brow area by darkening the fine hairs that surround the perimeter of the brow to increase the width

Tinting is a technique used to semi-permanently color brow hairs. “It also leaves a stain of color of the skin that provides an element of filling in thinner spaces within the brow.

Tinting will immediately make brows appear thicker. Tinting enhances your brows, at least temporarily (it lasts about a month—and even up to six weeks if you’re lucky). It gives brows a more natural look (versus using a makeup pencil to fill brows).

For way too long, fashion trends in magazines and on the runways were showing women with thin, delicate eyebrows. People spent hours plucking and waxing to minimize the appearance of their brows. However, fuller eyebrows are all the rage lately, and we’re living for it! One of the methods for achieving this chic look is with eyebrow tinting.

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